Friday, January 22, 2010

Oops. we got a rooster!

We didn't really intend to, but they can't always tell at the hatchery. Oh well, it will be interesting raising a rooster. Maybe we will get some chicks!

This particular breed is the Delaware. I decided to switch my flock when we were living in the city, as my other hens were making too much noise for my neighbors. The Delaware is relatively quiet and docile and lays a good amount of eggs.

So far, they have been very docile. Almost too docile. Last summer we got one and had no idea how mean chickens can be when they don't know each other. She almost died because she was picked on so badly. We ended selling our other two hens because we couldn't get them to work it out.
The Delaware is listed "critical" on the American Livestock Conservancy.
We've purchased the majority of our chickens through the following site, who will actually ship with a minimum order of three chicks. There's something novel about receiving baby chicks in the mail.