Sunday, March 14, 2010

Candling eggs

Well, hatch time for my eggs is coming up. I candled them again last night just to see what was up inside those little mysteries. They still look like dark cloudy masses with bright red veins. In one, I saw a beating heart! How cool. Some of them you can see moving around inside the little eggs.

I've learned quite a bit about egg incubating, which I am glad I learned on my homegrown eggs versus the expensive turkey eggs I have coming. It does seem to be going well though. About 30% of the eggs I've put into the incubator have been infertile. One was rotten. I caught it just before it was about to explode. Yucko.

Last night I found a really cool 4-H website that shows very detailed photos of candling eggs. It shows what exactly you should be looking for. There are also some neat videos of chicks hatching.

Guy watched one of them about 50 times. He sure loves baby chickens. Unfortunately he tends to love them a little too much... yesterday he managed to pick up one of my buff orpingtons by the head. Lucky he didn't kill it.