Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heucheras (sp?)

As I was out taking shots of the front yard, I thought I would take photos of these for you, Grace. Since you identified these in your blog for me. These are the plants that I have in the front yard. Also, there is a plant that has hosta-like leaves with light blue flowers. Do you know what this is? I've seen it many times and just love it.


Laura said...

I think the top one might be a Caladium. We'll see what Grace says.

I like Heucharas too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy~~ The first one is actually Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost.'

The Heucheras are a little more tricky to ID since there are literally hundreds of new cultivars, many of which look identical. The first one, I'm venturing to say is 'Marmalade' or 'Peach Melba.' The second could be a 'Marmalade' also--the amount of sun they receive can alter their appearance... the third I'm pretty sure is one of my favorites, 'Amethyst Mist.'

The Brunnera blossoms will reseed if not deadheaded which is a nice bonus.

I like to do a Google Image search when I'm not sure or need more cultural info.

Kudos to the former owner for great taste in plants!

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Thanks Grace!