Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nature Babycare diapers and Bic Eco razors

I've been meaning to rave about two products for awhile now.
The first is the Nature Babycare diapers. They are a company out of Sweden. Fully compostable and made out of renewable materials.

And... they rarely leak!!! They last a very long time. Way better than the night time diapers. The price isn't too bad either. I think they were on sale recently $40 for a hundred diapers with free shipping. And if you get on the subscription plan, it's another 15% off. Not bad!

Also, Bic has a new "Eco" razor (bic ecolutions), made mostly out of corn which will compost. I hope they are as friendly to the environment as they say they are. I've had a pack of 16 of them for a long time now and I bet I won't be running out for many months. I may push upward of a year on this one pack I have.