Sunday, May 23, 2010

Root rot, clay, drainage issues.

Here are the photos of the damage on the front yard garden. I decided to forgo acid testing, since I know that I have drainage and clay issues. Also, I planted a bunch of asparagus crowns in the front yard, and if my soil was excessively alkaline they probably would have done a bit better. But only a handful of the asparagus plants decided to come up. (as a side note, I noticed yesterday that all of the seed asparagus came up!)

I think that what is happening is root rot on a lot of these plants. Notice the standing water after a rainstorm.

Stunted and yellowing fava beans.

Ornamental cherry trees dying.

Horrible drainable during our rainstorm.

Garlic yellowing and rotting.

Stunted, yellowing garlic.

The next post will be about the remedies that I am attempting.