Thursday, May 20, 2010

There's a fungus in my yard

I think. My fava beans are stunted and the leaves appear to be rotting. I've seen this around my yard in various places, plants that I haven't been concerned about. Now I see the leaves on my ornamental cherry trees are brown and dying. Perhaps two different types of problems, not sure.

I'm particularly worried about all of the fruit trees I planted nearby. I have two cherry trees, 7 apple trees, a peach tree, and various fruiting shrubs throughout this yard. I hope they aren't affected. Better figure out what is going on quickly.

The garlic I have planted is also very stunted. Some of it appears to be rotting as well.
Maybe I should import a bunch of additional soil on top. I wonder who delivers soil out here?

The one plant that does thrive is grass. I limed it in the fall too. Shoot, I hope I didn't overdo it and is excessively alkaline.

The soil is very claylike. It has very poor drainage. Evidently the soil in the front yard was the soil that a previous owner excavated from the crawlspace for a doperoom. Maybe the crawlspace will make for excellent cheese cave and root cellar. But my front yard soil sucks.

Will post pics soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear~~

I'm sure you know all of this but, I'll just brainstorm a bit. Drainage is imperative. If the soil is too clay, the roots aren't getting the drainage/oxygen they need to thrive. Where there is heavy clay, it's almost always better to amend the soil with compost and possibly grit.

Since you're wanting to go organic, I would look into some of the organic fungicides to spray your fruit trees. A routine spray program is probably in order since fruit trees are notoriously susceptible to both blight and bug.

I'm no expert but I'd like to see up close photos of the infected plants.