Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cream seperator product review

The picture of this is very similar to the model that I have, only mine performs at 80L/hour and is electric.

It is a total pain in the ass to set up and get set up right. If it is set up wrong it won't work and will start spurting out milk from the back.

When it is working it works efficiently. I cannot attest to the other models that are far more expensive. If they operate in a similar fashion, I would not invest in one. ut I still think  this Russian brand at $150 plus shipping was a worthwhile investment. When I have a lot of cream to seperate and don't want to wait for the cream to seperate naturally I will find the seperator useful.

Anyone thinking of buying one should plan on spending plenty of time getting to know it and set it up. And beware that if  it isn't set up properly milk will spurt out the back and make a huge mess all over the kitchen and waste milk.


Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I used the seperator for the 2nd time yesterday. Still find it awkward to use, but I think it will be easier to use once I get used to it. When I turned it on yesterday, something sounded wrong and I was afraid it was going to blow up. So I turned it off. Then I turned it back on and put more milk in. Evidently what causes the milk to start spewing out the back of the unit is if the centrifuge is not up to speed. You have to let it run for several minutes and get up to speed or the force of gravity will send the milk downward and toward the hole in the back of the unit (probably designed purposely this way so that if milk collected in the bottom it wouldn't ruin the machine).

When I took it apart, I found that the parts weren't completely centered which caused some rubbing in the center. This is what made it sound like it was going to blow up. When I put it back together it ran smoothly.

Omelay said...

amy, we have both models the plastic one shown and the metal/alum version. the pricey version is 3 times the cost of the lessor plastic one--$70 vs $195. imho you want the high end one. the reason we have both we are to review them in comparison. the metal one is SO worth the extra money that I cannot recommend the plastic one to anyone. In fact we were planning on giving it to our friends who could really use it. Now we still probably will but with a huge disclaimer.

we use ours daily and find it, although difficult to clean, wonderful and worth every penny

Omelay said...

amy, this is the first time at your blog. i just discovered that you are separating goat milk. Having had goats I must recommend the higher end one even more. it is much more accurate and granular in it's adjustment. the spinning part on the better one is balanced wherein the lessor one is always out of balance and difficult to get up to speed. I wish you could see this one next yours. you wouldn't believe there is only $100 dollars difference in price. it is like a 1920's diesel tractor compared to a maserati. shiny easy to clean surfaces versus porous metal discs cheap plastic bowls. we will have an official review in a week or so.

i am sure it won't be quite so scathing but i plan to call it like i see it.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

We do actually have the higher end model. I should remove that photo as it is misleading. We have the red model, just like yours.

Omelay said...

Amy, I hope you have better luck with it. One of the reasons we did not but the electric one was european power runs at 50hz and 220 volts. cheaper power converters simply change the voltage and don't bother with the frequency. motors are the exception and are affected by frequency. I didn't want to have to invest in an expensive power converter on top of the price of the unit.
my limited understanding can't definitively diagnose this as the remedy. but, this is the place i would look to try to make the unit work work as professed. The motor should get up to speed quickly--my guess is within fifteen seconds..
We did have milk all over our kitchen the first time we tried it. it was a bloody fiasco that could be remedied by a reasonable manual or video or something.
luckily we waste milk daily and didn't fret too much which likely made us less tentative to try it again in earnest. now we love it with a true love that makes me sorry you didn't have a similar experience.

Omelay said...

that was buy the electric version not but the electric version.

have you seen this?

this separator is running on proper power it might help if yours doesn't power up like this or sound "at speed" the same.

btw we don't have to bother with adjusting the top valve like the video. we just open it wide up when at speed and crank away.