Thursday, June 17, 2010

Various fungal (I think) diseases in fruit trees and some ornamental trees

Leaf spot (I think) in ornamental cherry trees, that I believe are spreading to the other cherry trees in the yard

damaged peach tree. I think there is a little leaf curl. holes in peach tree. leaf spot, I think, in my Lapins cherry. ornamental cherry tree branch tips

damage to Cadium... rot and slugs?

damage on dogwood tree

I can't remember which tree this is, but the tip is... rotting?

hole in apple tree leaf

bite taken out of leaf on my apple

more holes in my peach tree

my other dogwod tree.

Any ideas/comments/advice out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy dear,

Okay first, LOL, it's a Brunnera, not a Caladium. Brunneras are hardy here. Caladiums will be killed by temps below freezing. I can tell you that the bugs eating it are root weevils. They are black, 1/2 inch-ish long, hard shelled with a snout and come out at night to feed, making little notches at leaf edges. They're very elusive and difficult to kill. In their larval/grub stage they look like a small letter C, white with a brown spot on its face. The beneficial nematodes are said to kill them at this stage but must be purchased and used according to directions. I'll tell you what I do if I see a plant decimated by root weevils. I move the plant, checking the root ball to make sure all the grubs are gone.

Fruit trees are HIGH maintenance. If it were me, I'd go either online or to the Clackamas county OSU extension office [I'm not sure where it is.] and get all the information on fruit tree maintenance. It used to be they only offered chemical solutions but they've now got a lot of information on organic methods too. From my admittedly untrained eye, it looks like you've got peach leaf curl and tip-dieback--fungal infections. Not surprising considering all the rain but you'd probably have them in a normal year too. The bugs, I'm not sure. A little bit of damage is normal but if it's an infestation you'll want to do something.

I hope this helps. It's so frustrating but there is help out there.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Wow, thanks... that's a lot of info!