Friday, September 3, 2010

Hatching eggs

Delaware egg
This page is dedicated to individuals that I've sold hatching eggs to and their feedback. Thanks everyone!

Australorp eggs (coming soon!)


Chick A. Biddy said...

Hey Amy, thanks for the hatching eggs. The eggs were clean, not one was cracked and you had them in clean cartons as well, that was much appreciated. Just to let you know, I had a great hatch out of the two dozen that I bought from you. Thanks, from one happy customer. Bonnie :-)

1-Duckling said...

Thanks for the Delaware hatching eggs this year. The fertility was excellent. The hatch went great. I now have happy healthy hens and one really big rooster who likes to sit on my lap.

markl said...

I have hatched a whole flock from these eggs. They do come clean in nice egg cartons. I got a good hatch out of my spring hatch giving me lots of chickens for my breeding flock. thanks mark ludeman

Shay said...

Hi Amy! I'm so thrilled about the Delaware hatching eggs I ordered from you. They came packaged well and not one single egg was cracked or dirty. My hatch ratio was fantastic and the chicks are great, they are so adorable! Thank you!

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Feedback from an ebay purchaser: I just wanted to let you know that I have 7 BIG beautiful babies. They hatched out yesterday and are doing great. Thank you for the eggs. God Bless