Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kale... Lacinato AKA Dinosaur AKA Nero di Toscano AKA Tuscan

So many names! I love this variety of kale. It is my favorite of all the kales so far. The texture is what makes it unique, I think.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear, Okay yes. This is the variety I just started seeds of. I've got about five little babies. I absolutely love this plant. Did it survive the heat of summer or is it strictly a cool season? I hope to have mine for winter interest but I suppose I should start feeding them nitrogen or they'll never make it. Yours is to die for. You're some kind of gardener, you know that? Despite your slug issues.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

This is one of several that I started in the spring. I've been eating them during the summer and they taste fine to me. Probably will have better flavor once frost hits but I still like the way that they taste. I planted several more about a month ago. Yum yum.