Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yellow crookneck squash

Pretty sure I've grown this one many years but never kept track of the variety. It's crazy how good this one is. Yellow squash from the store is ok, but this variey really does taste way better.

I bought my seeds here. This year I may try saving my seed.

Ideally they should be smaller than 6" for the best flavor. These are a little on the small side, but I was hungry.

See also: cooking summer squash.


Deborah Niemann said...

If you grow any other kind of squash, they've cross-pollinated, so you'll get some kind of interesting cross if you use the seeds.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Oh yes, you are right I do have other kinds of squash plants nearby. It would have been a good idea to save seed except for the other plants.

Speaking of, in another garden I have some volunteer cucubrits. I'm just letting them grow to see what they turn into. They are the largest of all of my squash plants too.

Deborah Niemann said...

We have some volunteers growing next to the compost pile this year. They look like a cross between a patty pan and a crookneck. I never picked any small ones, so I'm just letting them go and will feed them to the chickens.