Monday, October 4, 2010

French fries!

My son had been begging for french fries for hours today. I dug a couple of my yukon golds and fried some up for him. Here's how I do it:

1. heat about a quart or so of your choice of frying oil over medium heat.
2. meanwhile, cut your potatoes. I find this easiest to quarter the potatoes and then cut them into french fry shapes, trying to keep them similar in size.
3. test your oil to see if it is at the right temperature. you can do this by dropping one of the fries in the oil. if it sizzles like you see in the photograph, the oil is hot enough.
4. fry potatoes in small batches until browned (these potatoes are Yukon Golds, a dual purpose potato, so they aren't as brown as a mealy/starchy variety would be).
5. drain them on paper towels.
6. salt them while still hot.
7. eat!

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