Friday, October 8, 2010

Spartan Apple Tree and Fruit tasting

Fruit from the spartan apple tree. It was good! Juicy, crisp, sweet. 
I got one fruit this year from the newly planted spartan apple tree.

Spartan apple tree purchased from Portland Nursery. Planted spring 2010. 

This is part of the series: What's growing in my garden.


Mr. H. said...

That's really great Amy, it always takes our purchased trees a few years to start looks like you guys have a very vigerous little apple tree there.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Thanks! I was pretty impressed that I got one fruit too. The only other trees that put out fruit were the columnars, which are bred to bear fruit early. I may buy a few of them at least for the next couple of years, as my kiddo and I absolutely love apples. I can't get him to brush his teeth, so apples seem to be a good alternative! :)