Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vietnamese Coffee

Ed's father served in Vietnam and fell in love with the coffee there. It isn't impossible to find but can be difficult. While he was here for Christmas I discovered that they have a website you can order directly from. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. While that seems like a lot, the prices on the coffee packages are pretty inexpensive. Most blends are $10 or under/pound. I just ordered a new batch of coffee, and they have a bunch of free samples you can choose from for orders over $10.
Also, if you are a coffee dork like my husband, they also sell the Kopi Luwak coffee. What is Kopi Luwak? Well, I believe it is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is coffee that has been previously digested by a weasel. Yup, weasal poop. Evidently the stomach enzymes of the animal have broken down any bitter elements in the coffee and released new flavor compounds. Sounds like a fun birthday present, but I probably won't be spending $64 on a cup of coffee any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear~~ Well, I LOVE your blog and I'm an official follower. Thanks for adding little ole me to your blog roll. You're a sweetheart.

Okay, so... weasel poop. Even with Ed's coffee dorkiness, one has to draw the line somewhere. LOL. I'll be interested to read your assessment of the coffee order when it arrives.