Saturday, May 8, 2010

Safgard Pasteurizer product review

I found the Safgard pasteurizer on The Cheese Queen's site for $300, which is the cheapest I have seen them. I didn't realize until the unit got here that it came with several free cheese cultures. Cool!

Unfortunately I am finding it very clumsy to use. Maybe once we're used to using it we won't have issues. I find the clamp very hard to get clamped down in the right position. The instructions are clear on what to do, but the illustration is like a copy of a copy of a copy that was originally printed fifty years ago. Annoying.

The buzzer sounded only ten minutes after I plugged it in. The instructions say that the pasteurizer will heat to the right temperature in as little as 24 minutes. So I'm not really sure what happened. And the buzzer sound--it was really weird--so I'm not really sure it was the buzzer or something broken. So I tested the temperature of the water, and it was only 150 degrees. Perhaps the thermostat needs to be adjusted, perhaps my thermometer needs to be adjusted.

I will call the store on Monday to see if I can get these little annoyances worked out, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I should have gone with the Hoegger model.


Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Subsequent uses have gotten easier. The buzzer sounds very loud when it thinks it is ready. I say thinks because the temperature on the thermometer is temperamental. We have yet to get it to the correct temperature, but I think we are getting close.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Still frustrated with it. Ed said today that it started boiling over again. I'm thinking if it doesn't work for us soon we'll just return it. Shouldn't have to pay so much money and have it be tempermental.

I was thinking an easier and much more economical solution would be a double boiler with a probe thermometer that has an alarm on it to tell you when it reaches 162 or so. Unfortunately most probe thermometers have crappy reviews. We did have one a few years ago and it never worked.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I called the company that I bought the pasteurizer from and asked them about our difficulty in getting the temperature right. The lady on the phone told me that she wasn't aware that there was a way to alter the temperature and that all she knew was that it just pasteurizes the milk.
Wow. Amazing that you can sell a product you don't know anything about or even read the manual about.