Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Functional Sewing Projects

These are projects I found that I thought would be particularly helpful to those of us that are hoping to be more self-reliant. The holidays are coming up and it will be cold outside, so these are some of the projects I'm thinking of doing. I'll be adding to the list whenever I come across something that looks interesting. Note that I haven't added many girl clothes. This is because there are so many girl projects around, but clothing for women, men, boys is exceptionally hard to find.

Baby Shoes--by Great Turtle
Boy's Tie Tshirt--Saltwater Kids
Cloth Diapers--Made by Rae
Another Shoe--by Great Turtle
Tights--by Made by Rae

Boy clothes
BOY tshirts
Eddie Cap--by Mushroom Villagers
knee pad pants
Little boy shirt from Men's shirt--Made by Rae
90 minute shirt--Dana Made it

Home projects
Basket Liners--by Sew for Home
Bed Caddy--by Sew for Home
Collapsible Storage Baskets--by Sew for Home
Dog Collar--by Sew for Home
Drawstring Laundry Bag--by Sew for Home
Duvet cover--by Amy Butler
hanging clothes hamper
Kitchen Plastic Bag Dispenser--by Sew for Home
rag rug
Snack bags--by Angry Chicken
Sofa Caddy--by Sew for Home
Vinyl Organizers--by Inditutes

Men's clothing
men's t shirt

Women's clothing
basic bodice
knit gauchos
Maternity top--Made by Rae
Pajama shorts--Dana made it
Headband--by Heather Bailey
Spring top--by Made by Rae
Summer Skirt--Dana Made it
Sundress--by Heather Ross
Skirt--by Angry Chicken
Swimsuit (vintage)--by Running with Scissors
Tank top--by Belle Epoque
Terry wrap--by Sew for Home