Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hanna's choice blueberry bush

Hanna's choice blueberry bush

Unfortunately this is the only bush that still has its tag. I have five or six other blueberry bushes, but they aren't labeled so I don't know. So that means I can't analyze which flavors I like or how each variety is performing or when each variety is supposed to mature. I know that I have Brigitta, North Sky, and Sunshine, but don't remember the rest. Many of these are evergreen shrubs that I planted when we lived in the city and I was trying to screen out my neighbors, then moved, dug them up and took them with me.

Anybody have any blueberry variety recommendations? I would really like to make sure I am growing a bush with heavy yields and large, sweet, fresh eating berries.

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Anonymous said...

I'd suggest Bluecrop and St. Cloud. They both have big yields and big blueberries.