Friday, January 22, 2010

Cayuga ducks

About a year ago when we were living in the city I was considering switching our poultry to ducks, as I have heard that they love eating slugs. Then I found out that they are awfully noisy. My mom has a flock of 30 or so ducks, and they are really loud--quacking until the middle of the night.

I read about Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks, which rival chickens in their egg production. Not many duck breeds lay very many eggs. I was pretty sold on one of those breeds until I found out about these cayuga ducks.

I traded two of my Delaware hens for this pair of ducks. The cayuga breed lays a pretty good amount of eggs per year, and best of all, they are relatively quiet. We can hardly hear them.

The other day I discovered four eggs that had been laid recently. Since I didn't know when exactly they were laid and had been sitting out for so long I decided not to eat them, instead, I hope they will hatch! We will see.

FYI, ducks eggs have a significantly larger yolk and therefore a higher fat and cholesterol content. They don't really make good scrambled or fried eggs but they are particularly good in baked foods, cookies, french toast.

Anybody else have experience raising ducks?