Friday, January 22, 2010

Dual purpose curtains

I usually wing it when I cook. I don't usually measure anything nor do I typically follow recipes. However, there are some recipes I frequently look up because I cannot remember the exact ratios. And for things like bread baking I need to be at least slightly more precise. My little garden window was bare, and I live in such a small house that I was hoping to find curtains that were a). really cheap and b). dual purpose, allowing me to save some space. Several of these recipes I cook at the same time (such as socca, red pepper rouille, baba ghanoush, tabhouli) and so rather than trying to cook out of three books, I have the recipes in a central place.

I measured the panels for the windows, but as you can see, they don't quite cover. That's because I decided to do a decorative stitch around the edges with my new sewing machine. I also used the machine to create button holes at the top to put a dowel through, and then used those cheap cup hooks to hang them up and for tie-backs.

Anybody have any unique space and/or time saving techniques out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear, Now THAT is one clever idea! Functional and fun, perfect combination. I love your voice on the video. Did you ever consider broadcast journalism?

Your recipes completely mystify me. Tabhouli, okay, I've heard of it. The rest, uh, not so much. Sounds like some good eatin.'

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Mmmm... well, one day when I feel better I will cook some for you. :-)