Tuesday, January 26, 2010

seed catalogs

I got my seed orders in! It was only $220. Oh well. I will get at least that in return of food. The companies I order from most are:

Territorial Seed--90% of my seeds come from this source, as the varieties are chosen to perform well in the Cascadia climate.

Nichol's Garden Nursery--Interesting varieties of vegetables along with beer/wine making supplies, cheese making, etc.

Johnny's Select Seeds



Peaceful Valley Farm Supply--(mostly for supplies other than seeds)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear~~ Sounds like you're going to be one busy gal this summer. Did you know Nichols is located a few miles from here? It's fun to visit them on "plant day" in May. Everything is 25% off. EVERYTHING, seeds, plants and all the goodies. Maybe you can plan a trip.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I wondered how close it was. They seem like an interesting store.