Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turkey Poults

I've read that raising turkey poults is significantly more difficult that chickens. Since I have a fairly expensive batch of blue slate turkey eggs coming in a month and a half I figured I should pick up a couple at the farm store to see what they're like. Coastal, one of the jillion local farm stores, had a couple poults that were a week old. Since they weren't day olds, they wanted to get rid of them so they gave them to me half off.

Turkey poults make such pretty sounds. They sound so much more like a wild bird song than the chirp chirp of a chick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear~~ It was nice of Coastal to give you a discount on the poults. [Is "poults" short for "poultry"?] Good luck with raising them. Will they [or at least one of them] be ready by Thanksgiving?

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Yes, I think they are supposed to only take about 23 weeks to get to a good weight for the table. So, maybe early fall?