Monday, March 8, 2010

Wood cookstove, water heating and heat

Well, my husband and I have been thinking that we need a new hot water heater.  We only have the option of electricity versus gas which sucks. I was originally thinking about a GE heatpump water heater. However, I called the energy trust of Oregon and they said that they aren't sure it would be terribly efficient in Oregon. This is contrary to everything I've read. Sigh.

I had an aha moment last night and I think Ed and I are going to go for one of those big Wood cookstoves that heats water and the house. I don't mind planning my bathing around the availability of hot water.

Ed and I really like wood heat, but haven't had quite enough seasoned wood this year. But, there are tons and tons of downed and harvestable trees on the property. Sure would be nice to be able to use the wood on a constant basis, and if we can get hot water and heat out of the deal, that would be fantastic.

Sounds like the Amish versions are just under $3,000 with all of the extras (water reservoir, heating coil, etc.) and the older style ones are nearly twice that amount. I've read on the homesteading forums that people are really happy with the Amish ones. Cool!

Mom, this might be something for you to consider too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear~~ Three thousand. I think it would probably pay for itself in a year. I hope you can get one installed, maybe before this coming winter.