Friday, April 16, 2010

Health Care Denied

Great news! I've been denied health insurance by Kaiser. My son and husband are covered, but I am not, due to my use of antidepressant medication. We have the option of going with COBRA, which is an $800 fee each month. However, I thought it best that we sign up for a new plan with a high deductable. I opted for the $420 fee each month, 1/2 prescription paid, office visits paid out of pocket, and $22,000 deductable each year. Evidently they feel that they won't be making enough money on me.

So, now I have to figure out what this sea of paperwork means on all this Cobra crap. Or figure out how to get another state-sponsored plan (which means I'll be forced to rely on taxpayer money?!).

I'm mad. I'm mad at insurance companies for making billions of dollars off of my health. I'm mad at the political ideology of deregulating everything. To those who say: Let the market take care of it! But the market won't take care of it... you know why? Because the insurance companies will find a way to screw every last penny out of you. You can't just take your business elsewhere, because every insurance company does it.

This is all so wrong, so immoral. No one should make gobs of money off of health care. And I'm hardly a sick person. What does a person who has cancer or some other seriously debilitating illness face?

And THANK YOU OBAMA for attempting to solve some of these problems. Thank you for taking on all the politicians who pocket money from the multi-billion dollar insurance industry. Thank you for having a heart and seeing that we are suffering.


Laura said...

It's interesting how we are getting this political issue right in our faces.

I wonder about the basis for their decision. It seems that hospitalizations would have been a more logical reason.

I'm sorry that you're having to go through this crap.

Anonymous said...

I hope you plan on fighting this, Amy. This is a form of discrimination.

Unfortunately I know all too well about insurance companies and the cute little cut-throat games they like to play. Pisses me off. We had Cigna for a long time and I swear they dug loop holes on the fly just to cover their asses. Even with Blue Cross Anthem, our current provider, I've had to work with my doctor to make sure he makes the "right" diagnosis. One wrong move and I'll have to pay full price. It's freaking scam and something needs to be done. I don't understand what the republicans are fighting. It should be obvious to all that the whole concept with medical insurance companies has got to be revamped and while they're at it, they should jail the assholes at the top.

Make a stink, Amy. Contact the TV stations. Write a letter to Obama. Go public.

Show them they can't mess with you.