Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Front yard garden.

Random photos of the front yard garden progress.

Most of what you can see in this photo is potatoes. You can't really tell, but, some of these potato plants are nearly as tall as me.

Some strawberry plants mom gave me (seascape). We are starting to get a few berries. I know I'm supposed to pinch off the blossoms to put more energy into the plants but don't have the heart to do it. 

A few of the new apple trees, random perennials, and about a million onion seedlings. 

My wimpy peppers are still under a tunnel cloche. I'm about to give up on them for the year. It's just been too cold. The T-post is holding up my peach tree. It's looking a little lanky and I'm thinking it should probably get a prune. There's three peaches on it. I got one last year (yes, I moved this tree from the old house) and it was awfully good. 

Something's not right with my marketmore cucumber. My Alibi pickling cucumbers were eaten by slugs.  I planted more but they were eaten too. There are two other cucumber plants, a novelty cucumber and Mexican sour gherkin. They are small but are coming along nicely. 

A few of the corn plants. 

Naked digger. 

Only half of the Georgia Jet sweet potatoes that Territorial replaced due to the first set's failure have survived. These are the plants. I don't know what they are supposed to look like at this time of year but so far I am unimpressed. 

Overwintering lettuce seedlings.

The ladder is my trellis for some shelling beans. I can't remember the variety. 

This rhubarb was in a 4" pot a month ago. 

There are several varieties of dry shelling beans. I find their flavor significantly better than storebought. 

One of my columnar apples, loaded with fruit. I think this one is Golden Sentinel. 

Black edamame. 

Watermelons and some canteloupes nearby. 

Runner beans growing up the twine to the house. 

Alpine strawberry starting to bloom. I didn't know they would bloom the first year. Cool! 

Savoy cabbage. Melissa, I think? 

Bucket potatoes. 

The bicycle wheel trellis is holding up a romano bean. Raspberries are in the background. 

That's all for now. More photos of the backyard garden and the garden down the hill to follow.