Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garden down the hill.

Here's one of the other food garden looks like. The most remarkable part, I think, is that this all used to be covered in mostly brush.

Ed is starting to chop up and move one of the huge fir trees we had to take out to make room for the garden.

Tri star blackberry just starting to grow well and some random brassicas. 

One of the new pawpaw trees. 
Another thornless blackberry. Probably chester.

Asian pear tree. Four varieties on 1 rootstock. One branch bloomed this year, so probably not any fruit. 

I've been using all the wood that I cut up to prop the tomatoes off the ground. 


Horseradish garden overrun by weeds. Oh well, the weeds will probably soon be overrun by horseradish. 

A random cucurbrit. Strangely enough, I planted some pumpkins nearby but they dissapeared. Perhaps they were moved by a bird. We'll wait to see. 

Corn plants. 

Good looking cabbages and other misc. brassicas. Time to spray BT though. Damn cabbage moths. 

These are some of the first potato plants I planted this year. They are just now starting to catch up to my earlier planting. Maybe I will wait until may next year to do any potato planting. 

Asian plum. Four varieties, 1 rootstock. 

Yellow stemmed chard. 

annual artichoke. Will this mature for me?

One of my surviving asparagus seedlings. I had to move these as the site I picked out for them turned out to be too shady when the sun rises higher in the summer. 

Grape from raintree. I don't remember the variety but I do remember it is an early seedless variety. Hope to make lots of raisins in the future. 

My nectarine tree. I thought it croaked in the nasty wet spring but it seems to be making a comeback. We'll see. 

Misc seedlings and some okra. 

Beets and the cement mixer. 

A pepper plant that Ed picked up at Bi-mart. The plant hates me and is dying. 

The girls want to know what sort of goodies I am going to throw over the fence. 


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


StephanieTJLee said...

Whoa I am so jealous of you :(. My garden currently consists of apples, lemons, and peaches. Thank you for sharing these photos! I am inspired!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear, I am in awe of not only of your beautiful surroundings but the amount of gardening you've accomplished. You could run circles around me. I think this wet spring has everything on low simmer. I've gotten very few tomatoes yet and blueberries are behind, not to mention blackberries. I wouldn't call this the year to go by for potatoes either.

I had to laugh at your horseradish comment. I bought a small starter plant for a container just because I love the foliage. It won't go into the garden--ever. You've got the space for it!

The cabbage moths have been really busy this year it seems. I'm finding the evil caterpillars on a lot of different plants. Weird year.

Despite it all, your farm is coming along nicely. So what did you feed "the girls"? Ha, ha.

PS Love the photo of Guy giving you a kiss.