Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gypsy peppers (sweet)

I'm making notes as to my thoughts on the varieties of plants I've grown.

Last year I grew a bush of these. I roasted them and they were very good. I was envisioning buckets of them to roast and perhaps pickle. But the weather took a bite out of my plans. There's one or two plants, limping along.

Lucky me, I live within miles of several u-pick farms. So, to make up for my lack of peppers, I decided to pick some from Karam Farm. Their site had said that the peppers were ready to pick, but when I arrived I could not find them. That's because the farm owners think that they are supposed to be picked before they start turning color. Well, since I had driven out there  I decided to pick them anyway.

I got home, took a bite out of one. Bland. Then I roasted them and they are still bland. Not worth the effort at all. And, if they are over-roasted in the slightest they will dry out too much and the yield will substantially decreases.

I still like the variety, but will definetely wait until they are well colored before consumption.