Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Garden Resolutions

As the fall season sets in and the production wanes, I wanted to take a couple of moments to share with you the lessons that I have learned this year.

1. I will never, ever, EVER let my tomatoes sprawl all over the ground in my slug infested garden again! Many people recommend just letting them go all over the place, but slugs have gotten to at least half of my ripening tomatoes this year.
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2. I will be vigilant in my War on Slugs. Should I need motivation, I can peek at the following photograph.
These are tomatoes that I deemed still edible if you cut out the bad parts. You should see the fruits that didn't make the cut!

3. I will use tunnel cloches on my heat loving plants, especially my peppers, eggplant, edamame. I will remember to vent them on crazy hot days and keep them well watered.

4. I will not harvest four cabbages and cook them all at one time so that I can have leftovers. Cabbages make horrible leftovers.

5. I will keep better track of the plant varieties I grow. The only tomato I was able to positively identify this year was Taxi, because its yellow.

That's all I can think of for now. How about you? What are the lessons you've learned this year?