Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homemade granola

Many times I like a quick and easy meal even though I do enjoy cooking. Pouring cereal into a bowl and milk on top is about as quick as you can get. Problem is, boxed cereals are crazy expensive and the packaging is so wasteful.

I haven't found a quick and easy way to make flaky cereals but homemade granola is super easy. Many recipes state that a batch will only last a week or two, but I store mine in the refrigerator or the freezer and it lasts quite a while. If I am going to make granola, I make huge batches at one time.

Note that I don't follow a specific recipe anymore. I have used this recipe, but once I got the technique and rough proportions down, I just add whatever dried fruit, nuts, spices I have on hand which makes the process simpler.

If you are local, Cash and Carry has excellent prices on Bob's Redmill oats. If I remember right it was in the neighborhood of $15-20 per 50 pound bag. You can always call the store to verify the price.

Do you have any homemade cereal recipes?