Thursday, September 16, 2010

Using coffee grounds as fertilizer?

I managed to find Steve Solomon's e-mail address to ask him how he felt about using coffee grounds as a substitute for the seedmeals in his recipes. Here's his reply:

Those who try to use coffee grounds as fertilizer usually are disappointed. Success depends on how hot your soil gets; it you're in a hot place in a hot summer it'll decompose fast enough to make plants grow fast--fertilizer. In cooler climates like Cascadia, no way. If you do use coffee, use 4-8 times as much seedmeal and spread four to eight times as much: like 16-20 measures coffeegrounds, 1/2 part lime, etc . . . . and then spread it 16-20 quarts per 100 sq. feet. Even so, you might not be pleased. But in compost heaps or just raked into the surface to decompose, coffee is marvellous.