Thursday, September 16, 2010

Using alfalfa meal as fertilizer

Recently a gardening store offered me alfalfa meal pellets in lieu of seedmeals in Steve Solomon's complete organic fertilizer recipe. In addition to this post on using coffee grounds, he had this to say about the alfalfa:

Alfalfa meal is about 3.5% N; seedmeal runs 6-7%N. Strange it may seem, but when you cut the NO3 in half, you must more than double the amount to have the same growth response. Using alfalfa meal I would alter the recipe to (and this is but a guess):

12-16 parts alfalfa meal
1/2 part lime
1/2 part dolomite, etc

And then spread 12-20 quarts per 100 sq. ft.

If you live in a warm climate it will work. If your soil is cool in summer (Oregon/Washington/B.C.) it may not provoke enough growth response to really make you smile big.