Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry. Planted spring 2010. 

This is part of the series: What's growing in my garden.

I've never even had mulberries. Anyone know what they are like? There are two berries ripening on the tree. 


Tonia said...

Mulberry trees grow wild here in Missouri. My brother and I use to climb up in them and eat berries in the summer time. They are pretty good fresh and you want them to be really dark. They will be sour if not ripe enough. I have never cooked with them but shoudl since they can be extremely plentiful in the right places. Birds Love them!

Laura said...

I went to a gathering at somebody's house here, and they had a huge (2-3 stories high and almost as wide) mulberry tree ripening at the time, and the berries were falling everywhere on their deck and pathways. It was a big mess. The berries seemed like they were a lot like boysenberries in looks and a bit sweeter in taste. I remember tasting them and wondering why they weren't more famous as food. I'm not sure my memory is real accurate though.