Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purple Peruvian Potatoes

Many sellers rave about this variety but I am going to give it a big thumbs down.
I really wanted potatoes last night so decided to dig some up. I dug the ones that were dying back first, which were the Purple Peruvian potatoes you see in the photo. Note that what you see is the result of four plants. I highly doubt that this was due to growing conditions as they are planted with other varieties on all sides. That big red potato was from another plant nearby.

Not only that,  but the texture is bad. The skin is thick and the flesh never seems to completely cook, giving the impression of undercooked potatoes.

Looks like I got a bad strain, but won't be trying again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy. You're the first person I've come across to be blogging about Peruvian Purples too.
I was eagerly awaiting my purple mash but I was a little disappointed too having read that they retain their dark purple colour and have a good flavour. I like that they made the potato salad more interesting but definitely think they benefit from being mixed in with other things. A little on the floury side otherwise.