Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meyer Lemon

So this is the 2nd Meyer lemon tree I've purchased. The first one croaked on me pretty quickly. I think this is because I keep reading that they really don't like much water, and so I go a long time before giving it a good drench. Then the leaves start to fall off. Someday I will figure it out. I really want to have my own lemons (and limes).

The smell of the flowering trees is truly lovely.

Oh, and the goats like to eat citrus too. So several of the fruits on this tree were munched off. Looks like I have a whitefly or something too. Darn.

Anybody have any tips or experience out there?

Meyer lemon. Purchased spring 2010. 

See what else is growing in my garden.



Anonymous said...

Don't know your location, but here in South-Central GA (after living in FL for decades) my Grandfather tried and tried and TRIED and tried to grow lemons, limes and oranges. Even this far south, we're not far south enough for citrus :(

So I know, when I get that far, my citrus trees will have to be in the greenhouse I'm planning. Hope that helps.