Friday, January 22, 2010

Domestic arguments

Last night my husband and I had a terrible argument. I won't go into specifics. Arguing sucks. Especially if the arguments aren't productive and hurt feelings abound. All I want to do when this happens is go into my shell.

I've read both of these books over the years and need to read them again. They are a bit conflicting... Nonviolent Communication is all about showing you that
how you communicate with your partner can be damaging and offers communication help. The second book, by John Gottman talks about issues such as feelings of contempt and defensiveness as the main cause of marital strife. Both books are extremely helpful.

Has anyone else read any books on partnership that have been helpful?


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Dear, I might get into trouble for asking this but did Ed read the books? You know the cliche, it takes two to tango. I hope things have smoothed over now and peace has been restored.

I remember some of the fights Steve and I had. The worst was when I threw a bottle of salad dressing at him. Messed up the wall. I can vouch for the fact that it gets better every year. easier. Steve and I rarely argue now. Minor irritations are easy to overlook. Hey, maybe I should write a marriage book. LOL