Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mitla Black Tepary Bean

I bought a package of these seeds last season. I threw a couple in the ground and forgot about them, until I found a few purplish-pink flowers blooming and then remembered that I had planted them. I forgot about them again, until I was doing some garden cleanup. I found several pods with little black beans, shelled and cooked them, and was then bummed that I hadn't grown more. I hadn't given them any attention at all and they yielded for me and the flavor was quite good.

This year, I planted all the rest of the seeds that I have and am hoping for a significantly larger harvest and plenty of seeds for the following year.

I have given these plants way more water this year and they are climbing up poles. Last year, without water and planted in pure clay, they were only a foot or so tall. This year they are up to three feet and starting to bloom.

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