Monday, August 23, 2010

Mystery Impatien

Well, today we all went to Portland nursery to find a plant to decorate my daughter's gravesite. I couldn't find anything that I wanted, except a plant that they had in their front nursery bed. It is a pink and white flower. The lady at the nursery told me that they don't have any to sell, and that it is an impatien that reseeds itself.  So maybe I will find a plant or seeds for next year.

Also, any time I go to Portland Nursery I like to stop by the information desk to pick their brains about any problems I may be having. I have to narrow it down, as I always seem to a million things I want to know about.

1). Q: How can I convince my zillion green tomatoes to ripen? A: They get about ten calls an hour from everyone in the region having the very same problem due to the cold and rainy summer. The answer is to pinch off any new blossoms and to stop watering. They said lots of farmers in the region stop watering this time of year to induce ripening.

2). Q: Do I need to thin the apple clusters on my columnar apple trees or do I treat them differently? A: yes, you are supposed to thin the fruit, especially with a young tree.

3). Q: Some of my edamame has blotchy leaves, what is wrong? A: It hasn't been a very hot year for edamame; the problem looks fungal so stop watering as the edamame plant really doesn't like that much water.

Good to know.


Laura said...

That impatien looks familiar. I think I may have grown it, maybe on 22nd or in Brightwood.

Guy looks very grown up.

Anonymous said...

I've got this Impatiens, Amy! I'd be happy to share seed or plants!!! I would like my daughters and me to drive up in the next few weeks. Maybe this Friday even... I could bring you a plant. Please let me know what your schedule is so we don't inconvenience you.

Thank you for the reminder about the tomato ripening regime. I need to do this to mine although we've had A LOT of hot weather down here.

Guy is adorable as usual.

Mrs. Mike said...

And another thought on ripening tomatoes-
As the days are shortening and PNW sun just not being as hot this year, try throwing a sheet over your crop over night to keep in a little heat and keep out a little cold.
(FYI: a nursery will call it "floating row cover" or Reemay, but a sheet for us thrifty girls does pretty good!)