Monday, September 6, 2010

Delaware chickens

I keep a couple of breeds of chickens, and this is one of my favorites. I started keeping them when I lived on a 50x100 lot in the middle of Portland. I wanted a quieter, more docile breed and they fit the bill! They are an excellent dual purpose bird, as they lay 4-5 eggs a week and grow very meaty in a relatively short amount of time. When we came out to the country, I decided I wanted a large flock of the birds. I thought they were all sexed girls but ended up with a rooster. Perfect setup for fertile eggs! I sell them locally and can ship as well. I have had many very happy purchasers which you can read about here.

The eggs vary from pinkish to brown.

My stud roo
The flock crowding the door. They are excited to see me!
Typical markings

This is a funny Easter video, in which my son Guy decides his "Peep" candy is gross and feeds it to the chickens. But the video shows off the Delawares well.

Here's what the American livestock breeds conservancy has to say on this breed:
And a writeup through slow foods international:

One of my Delawares likes to give me double yolkers. Look at the size difference!


Kelsi said...

We keep Delawares for meat. I really enjoy them.. more than I thought I would. When we ordered them, the hatchery send us some red star rooster and, holy moses, they are mean! I know what you mean about the Delawares being docile. I quite like that about them. They are almost affectionate!