Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soil, compost, fertilizer

Easier chicken poo cleanup
Using alfalfa meal as fertilizer

Coffee grounds as fertilizer

Preparing My Planting Beds

Soil improving

Comfrey tea--by Allotment Vegetable Gardening

Urine as fertilizer--by The Science Development Network


Lotus said...

Human urine is great fertiliser. My dad grew the most amazing tomatoes and that was his secret ingredient. While our house was being renovated I used to sleep overnight to safeguard against breakin. With no bathroom, I just peed in a bucket and then diluted it with tap water and tossed the bucket over the front garden (at 5am before the neighbours were awake!). The plants appeared to love it - the growth was so lush. I also use urine occasionally in the compost - it speeds up composting process.